Lessons From ‘The Hunger Games’ and More (This Week in Content Marketing)

If this week’s roundup has one theme, it’s that content marketing buzz is everywhere — from Facebook to Google to SXSW! Even on the big screen, we can pick up a lesson or two about how to target readers and keep them glued to our brilliant content so that we can conquer our competition. Let the games begin…

Content Marketing Lessons from The Hunger Games Trilogy - Hannon Hill

Spoiler Alert: You will totally love The Hunger Games analogy as it relates to content marketing. There’s apparently a lot to learn from the hit film (and novel) including the importance of being authentic and keeping the audience engaged.

Facebook’s Timeline and Content Marketing: Partners in Crime - Business2Community

Well, it’s official — Facebook Timeline is in full swing! Love it or hate it, according to this blogger, the new look is actually beneficial for content marketers who are savvy enough to manipulate their profile pages to take advantage of the new “about us” area, and play up the sleek new design.

Google launches Consumer Surveys to help businesses target content marketing - Brafton

One of the biggest challenges of content marketing is to figure out what exactly keeps your readers coming back for more. A new survey service launched by Google will turn readers into an instant focus group.


Update: Content Discovery and Engagement Report, Q2 2011

Updated on Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Outbrain recently released our Content Discovery and Engagement Report for Q2 2011.  The report was intended to identify patterns in how people are accessing and engaging with online content based on data pulled from reader sessions across our platform of more than 150 top-tier publishers.

This is a space that we are deeply passionate about and providing accurate, unbiased results is our number one priority. After re-examining the data, we identified some results that have changed. We’ve included a full list of these changes below.


Marketers Win When Friends Recommend

TBG Digital released data from a test they ran comparing Facebook’s Sponsored Stories ad unit to Facebook’s standard unit. Facebook’s Sponsored Stories turn page updates, Places check-ins, Likes and application activity by users into advertisements.  Marketers can then take these actions and promote them within that user’s social network.

In TBG’s 2 billion impression test, Sponsored Stories units received a 46% higher clickthrough rate, a 20% lower cost per click and an 18% lower cost per fan than Facebook’s standard ad units.

Not surprising to us. What better way to get someone to try your product than to have someone they trust tell them about it?  Social Media has been the golden child for word-of-mouth marketing, but as it gets more popular, it also gets noisier and increasingly more difficult for marketers to break through the clutter, find their key audiences and get them to take action. How do you find the people who WANT to engage?