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[Infographic] Headline and Image Best Practices for Reaching Engaged Audiences with Outbrain Amplify

| Roy Ben Ezra


If you can’t get audiences to click into your content, how are you going to engage with them?

Luckily, through proper research and implementation, marketers have been empowered by the ability to create more meaningful experiences for readers with content and are enjoying the benefit of high-value actions being made with their brands.

As headline and image optimizations surge in importance, we’ve learned that testing many combinations of both is the smartest strategy for achieving the best  content marketing results.

It certainly helps that we’re the world’s largest (and first) content discovery platform, serving 200 billion content recommendations to online audiences every month. In our unique position, we have a pretty good hunch for what it takes to achieve that outcome.


We wanted to share some of those best practices with you for when you are amplifying content across our network of premium publishers.

That way, you too can capture the attention of your target audience to drive better results for your business.

Find all the information you need for reaching audiences on the likes of CNN, People, ESPN and most recently, The Washington Post via the helpful infographic below.

Outbrain Headlines and Images Best Practices

View the infographic in a new window here.

See what your content could look like being recommended on CNN.com

CNN content demonstration

Roy Ben Ezra

Roy Ben Ezra

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