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Update: Content Discovery and Engagement Report, Q2 2011

| Kelly Reeves

Updated on Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Outbrain recently released our Content Discovery and Engagement Report for Q2 2011.  The report was intended to identify patterns in how people are accessing and engaging with online content based on data pulled from reader sessions across our platform of more than 150 top-tier publishers.

This is a space that we are deeply passionate about and providing accurate, unbiased results is our number one priority. After re-examining the data, we identified some results that have changed. We’ve included a full list of these changes below.

Top 20 Traffic Sources to Content Pages

1 Google
2 Yahoo
3 AOL/Huffington Post
4 Facebook
5 MSN*
6 Drudge Report
8 Outbrain
9 StumbleUpon
10 Twitter
12 reddit
13 MediaTakeOut
14 Fark
15 Slate
16 Comcast
18 Wikipedia
19 Digg
20 Real Clear Politics
*Includes Bing

Key changes

AOL moved up from #5 to #3
Facebook moved from #11 to #4
StumbleUpon entered the list at #9

Breakdown of External Traffic Sources to Content

Original Findings

Content – 56%
Search – 37%
Social – 7%

Revised Findings

Content – 46%
Search – 40%
Social – 14%

Breakdown of Referral Traffic by Search Engine

Original Findings

Google – 68%
Yahoo! – 16%
Bing – 14%
AOL – 1%
Other – 1%

Revised Findings

Google – 80%
Yahoo! – 10%
Bing – 9%
AOL – 1%

Twitter vs. Facebook: Referral Traffic to Content by Vertical

Vertical Facebook Twitter
News 88% 12%
Home & Lifestyle 87% 13%
Entertainment 83% 17%
Sports 81% 19%
Recreation 87% 13%
Health 88% 12%
Technology 76% 24%
Business & Finance 85% 15%
Electronics 82% 18%
Autos 91% 9%

Key change

Facebook referred more traffic to content pages than Twitter across all verticals.

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Kelly Reeves

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  • Steffen Konrath| September 7, 2011 at 9:21PM

    The list is interesting but raises further questions. Your rank the top sites but I miss some quantitative or qualitative data (depends on what you like to publish). The distance between the ranks is not clear – at least not for me. If Outbrain is ranked #8 how large is the distance between you and say #2, #7, #9? – thanks!
    – Steffen Konrath, Future of Journalism

  • Hair styles| September 13, 2011 at 9:21PM

    Thank you the list interesting you rank the sites but i miss some

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  • Sharon Machlis| September 15, 2011 at 11:11AM

    Do the Twitter referral numbers include users on third-party clients like Tweetdeck or just

  • Heather| September 16, 2011 at 6:18PM

    where is original study? 


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