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Welcome to Content marketing Category, a guide for marketers in need of data supported answers to the most challenging questions about how to deliver the right content, to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time, all while telling the right story, and reporting on the right metrics.

So What is Content marketing all about?

Here you’ll be able to find related articles to content marketing, understand how to define a long-term content marketing strategy and hear from top marketing experts all about content marketing niche.

There are 6 elements which are the pillars of our own content marketing strategy because they enable us to share our knowledge and data in a way that reflects both a comprehensive content marketing strategy, as well as a unique perspective on the overcrowded space of content marketing.

Each pillar defines an essential piece of the content marketing puzzle.

The Right Audience – If you don’t know who you’re speaking to when creating your content, stop. Figure out your target persona before you do anything else. Who are they as people? What motivates them? What keeps them up at night? What interests them? The Outbrain Interest Graph is a good place to start learning about their interests based on the content they consume.

The Right Content – What you create is essential. Whether it’s a headline, image, article, infographic, slideshow, or podcast, you must respect the content creation process. Value can come in many forms. Learn what it takes to create and improve great content.

The Right Time – The time of day, week, or year that your audience consumes your content is essential to whether or not it will resonate with your audience, endear them to your brand, or drive action. Our content consumption calendar can help map out your content strategy for the year ahead.

The Right Place – Whether your audience is on their commute to work or across the country on vacation, scrolling through their iPhone or on their desktop, where they consume your content is another critical piece to your content marketing puzzle.

The Right Story – The story you are telling is the most important of all 6 pillars. A great story starts with “Why?”. Why should your customers care about the content you create? Are you connecting all the content dots with a narrative that tells a complete story. The strongest content marketing strategies define multiple story sequences that follow every target persona throughout their customer journey.

The Right Metrics – The numbers, you can’t forget about the numbers. Content marketing is, after all, about returning a profit for your business, but there’s lots of smaller KPIs that can be measured starting with awareness all the way through retention and lifetime value. How your audience is actually engaging with your content must be measured, and this data must be used to inform everything from ideation to acquisition.

There you have it, the 6 pillars of a comprehensive content marketing strategy, and the framework for The Content Journey, an Outbrain publication for marketers in need of data supported answers to the most challenging questions about how to deliver results with content marketing.


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