Earned and Paid win

A combination of both earned and paid media is the most successful way to acheive brand awareness, according to a new study released by Synpatic Digital and Kantar Video. The study examined the results of different forms of marketing both alone and in combination with one another to determine the best approach for brand marketers.

In fact, the earned/paid combo performed best in both its effects on brand awareness and purchase consideration.

At Outbrain, we often talk with our clients about the value of amplifying their earned media through our content discovery platform in order to further extend reach and brand awareness beyond a campaign’s initial paid advertising traction. It’s great to see even more affirmation of the importance of earned media, and particularly, the positive impact of a variety of marketing approaches. We’re excited about the opportunity that we have to help our clients extend the life and reach of their earned media for overall campaign success.

See more of the study’s findings on Synaptic Digital or eMarketer.